At Vanderwoude Sod, our focus is on one thing: growing quality sod.

As a family owned and operated business since 1969, we have earned the reputation as the area’s premier sod supplier, and are continually looking for ways to improve.

Our experienced staff regularly attend turf courses and educational seminars to stay informed of any new products, techniques, or equipment that could help to best serve our customers.

We serve both contractors and home owners from our location in Mount Hope, Ontario.

Our Sod.

Our high-quality Kentucky Bluegrass Sod is designed to perform optimally in the Southern Ontario climate.

It is suited for a variety of applications from residential and commercial landscapes, golf courses, and sports fields. Showing a beautiful, deep green colour, our sod performs well in high traffic areas, establishes quickly, and withstands cold weather.

We use only the best products, equipment, and techniques to harvest hardy, fresh cut sod that is free of weeds and bad grasses.


Larger quantities can be delivered directly to your job site or home with as little as one day notice. Fresh sod, in any quantity, can also be picked up daily from our yard.

For landscape contractors and larger residential projects, we also offer professional installation. Our experienced crew has beautified many large residential properties, commercial sites, parks, and sports fields. As the initial watering is critical, our watering truck will follow within one hour of the sod being installed.

Sod Calculator.

Not sure how much sod you need?

Simply call our office for assistance, or use our Sod Calculator to figure it out. If your yard is irregularly shaped, try to break it down into squares or rectangles and add the areas together.


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    Sod Tips.

    Our high-quality Kentucky Bluegrass Sod is designed to perform optimally in the Southern Ontario climate.

    Have the ground prepared before you order your sod. THE SOD SHOULD BE LAID WITHIN 24 HOURS OF DELIVERY. The easiest way to begin laying sod is to start off a straight edge, such as a sidewalk or driveway. If you have an oddly shaped area, create a straight line using spray paint or a string line. With each roll of sod, tightly fit the ends and edges together. Lay out the sod in brick-work fashion. Once you have finished installing your grass, go over the area with a roller to ensure good contact between sod and soil. However, if the ground is prepared smoothly, this is not a necessary step. It is most important to slowly saturate the ground immediately after laying sod. MAKE SURE THE UNDERLYING SOIL STAYS MOIST FOR AT LEAST THE FIRST TWO WEEKS.

    Here is the recommended watering schedule. Click here to download.

    The most important aspect of mowing is the ONE-THIRD RULE: NEVER REMOVE MORE THAN ONE-THIRD OF THE PLANT. Doing this shocks the grass, causing slow root growth and loss of color, as the plant is using all its energy to replace lost leaves. When grass is mowed often and at its proper height, the roots grow deep and your lawn will thicken to a lush green, not allowing weeds to grow in. Also, vary the direction in which you mow your lawn. Constantly mowing in the same direction causes the blades to lean, eventually making it harder for a clean cut. Sharpen your lawnmower blade once a month. A dull blade will cause tearing of the grass making it harder for your lawn to keep its color.

    When summer hits, you will have times when your lawn needs water. Whether you have an in-ground sprinkler system or you use a sprinkler, it is wise to wet your lawn in the morning. WATERING THE GRASS AT MIDDAY WASTES WATER THROUGH EVAPORATION. Also, avoid frequent short-term watering in the evening. If you consistently wet only the top few inches of soil, the roots will not venture deeper into the ground. Eventually, the limited depth of the root system forces you to use more water and makes your lawn more susceptible to disease.

    We recommend fertilizing your lawn once a month using a 21-7-7 or similar ratio. However, if there is a prolonged period with little or no rain in the summer, it would be wise to skip an application. You’ll save money and fertilizing when it’s hot and dry has little positive effect on your grass. THE MOST IMPORTANT FERTILIZER APPLICATION IS THE ONE IN EARLY SPRING. Kentucky Bluegrass is at its most active growth period during this time. Fertilizing in early spring gives your lawn the full benefits of the nutrients during the entire time it is growing.


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